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Filed in The perfect wedding day look, Tuxedos — April 22, 2022

The Perfect Wedding Day Look

Your Perfect Wedding Day Look:

Welcome to this installment of the Robert Paul, San Francisco blog post, and we are glad you decided to join us. This installment will be dedicated to “You,” the Groom who took one of the most important steps of your life. You asked the love of your life to marry you, become your wife/husband, best friend, and partner in crime, and they answered with a resounding “Yes.” How did you propose? Was it a romantic dinner, did you return to where you had your first date, and did you involve other friends and family in the proposal? Did you stick with tradition and drop to one knee? Was it a total surprise? Let us know! We would love to hear all about it because here at Robert Paul, San Francisco, in addition to Janene’s Bridal, Alameda, and San Francisco, we are all about that perfect love story. So leave us a comment and share your story right here with us. Use our platform of romance and love to elevate and inspire others with your very own story.

Although everyone has a different story, a different journey, the one thing we can all share in common is being in love and wanting to make the most important person in our lives feel like they are the most important person in our lives. The most exciting part of this is that your love story is just beginning and the best in life is yet to come.

It’s Ok To Be Vulnerable

Sometimes it is difficult to show that more vulnerable side of our persona, whatever the reason, especially when we’re with our friends or others with whom we are closest. Whenever we feel our vulnerability may be rearing its soft and sensitive side, we throw our game face on because we all know many of us can’t let that side of who we are be seen. Or, for instance, on movie night, when we’re ready to snuggle up with our significant other and share a freshly popped bowl of popcorn, and the “Note Book” is next on the list of what to watch; a movie we are quick to deny ever watching even though we all know we have! And right at that heartbreaking point in the film, you suddenly have allergies; take the blame as to the reason for the tear in your eye. I can assure you that there is nothing more engaging, sexier for someone in a relationship than to see their other half get in touch with that vulnerable side. 

I’m sure if you ask your beautiful bride, that would be one of the reasons they fell in love with you. Your beautiful bride will appreciate you asking that question because it will show her how much you care and love them; you did ask the question, Right? 

Congratulations, embrace it. Now go out and get a bouquet of roses for your beautiful bride and make it a surprise; you will be loved even more for doing it. You can thank me later by leaving a comment down below. WOW, thanks for rolling with me on this; now, let’s get back to you and your perfect look!

All Eyes Are On You As Well

All of us here at Robert Paul, San Francisco, and Janene’s Bridal, Alameda, and San Francisco would like to say “Congratulations” as we are excited for the two of you, especially now as you begin the planning and preparation of your perfect day. I can assure you that all of us here at Robert Paul, San Francisco, would be honored to assist you and your wedding party in building that perfect look, ensuring that you will look more important on the most important day of your life; feel simply amazing!

We love our beautiful brides at Janene’s Bridal, both in our San Francisco and Alameda locations, and as hard as our very talented stylist work to make each wedding dress a dream dress, this is all about “You.” You deserve to look and feel your absolute best on arguably the most important day of your life, your wedding day.

Let’s get one thing straight. Yes, your bride will be the focal point of your big day as your bride-to-be makes the grand entrance and glides down the aisle toward you, looking more beautiful than you could have ever imagined. Make no mistake; all eyes will be on you too, “The Groom,” so why not look and feel your absolute best! I remember my wedding day as if it were yesterday, and yes, I cleaned up very well and felt amazing in my formal white tuxedo jacket, white pleated tuxedo shirt, black bow-tie, black slacks, and black leather Oxford shoes. I went for that classic “James Bond look” and nailed it.  Yes, you guessed it; I owed my look to the Robert Paul, San Francisco Stylist who perfected my wedding day attire down to the last detail. 

What Is Your Perfect Look?

There are various style options available, but establishing your perfect look begins with you setting the tone with an appropriate dress code not only for you but also for your groomsmen. We can talk more about guest dress codes a little later, but let’s focus on you for now!

What would you consider your perfect wedding day look? Have you given your look much thought? Would it be a sleek and classic black-tie tuxedo, or perhaps a white tuxedo jacket with a black tie? Do you see yourself in a trendier wedding suit, which seems to be a popular style option because of the variety of colors and cuts which are now available? 

Whatever you consider to be your perfect look, the golden rule is that you will always want to set yourself apart as the Groom. You can accomplish this by wearing a different colored tuxedo and tie or wedding suit than that of your groomsman. Distinguish yourself as the person of the hour because guess what; “You Are”!

I want to emphasize that your objective should be to match your aspiring bride’s style, elegance, and sophistication. She hopefully was beautifully adorned by our very gifted stylist at Janene’s Bridal, San Francisco, or Alameda. As the Groom, you will stand out, and our objective is to ensure you do so in the best possible way. Trust me, all of us here at Robert Paul will ensure you have the right style, cut, and color and that you will look amazing with your style choices.  

When we compare a traditional and classic tuxedo to a more trendier-wedding suit, aside from the obvious, a tuxedo will have satin on the jacket’s lapel and satin running vertically along each pant leg; the wedding suit will not. 

I have always been a fan of the formal black tuxedo for most grooms or the white tuxedo jacket with black trousers because of how sophisticated and classic these looks are. It simply comes down to what type of look you hope to accomplish and are most comfortable with and how your style choices are reflected in every photograph taken. 

Tuxedo or Wedding Suit

If you have opted for black tie attire for you and your wedding party, then carefully selecting the most appropriate tuxedo for each of you is where the magic begins. We begin with color, then choose the cut, add in the accessories to include the perfect shoe which compliments the entire look, and there you have it, a perfectly put-together black tie tuxedo. Don’t forget the floral boutonniere.

I’m not sure about you, but every time I’ve been invited to a black-tie event and chosen to wear a tuxedo, my sense of style and sophistication instantly elevates. I feel accomplished and well deserved, as you should, because of how hard we work to provide for those we love most in this world. Each time I’ve worn one of our Michael Kors or Allure tuxedos, I feel like Clark Kent must have felt each time he stepped into one of those infamous New York City phone booths and emerged as Superman.  It’s the truth. You’re probably saying, “Snap out of it, Man,” your just a guy in a tuxedo. That may be true, but the next time you get suited up, I’m sure you’ll feel the same way even if you can’t find a phone booth! 

 A very popular fashion trend, which seems to be emerging for men, is the “wedding suit.” Wedding suits are less formal than an actual tuxedo but can still reflect the style and level of sophistication customarily reserved for tuxedos if it’s put together the right way. 

When selecting a wedding suit or tuxedo, for that matter, there are specific considerations you should take into account. 

  • What type of dress code have you selected? If it’s “black tie,” then a “tuxedo,” not “wedding suit, is the logical option.
  • Rent or purchase your tuxedo or wedding suit

Whether you choose to rent or purchase your tuxedo or wedding suit, we here at Robert Paul, San Francisco, can accommodate either option and still provide exceptional care and consideration with each of your style choices.

What type of look or fit are you hoping to accomplish, a more sophisticated or relaxed look. What is right for you?

  • Traditional Fit

It offers more room in the chest and waist areas and is not as form-fitted as a slim or modern cut suit but still follows the contour of your build. The classic fit makes it easier to move and offers more comfort for some of us with larger frames.  

  • Slim Fit

More contoured to your frame with sleek lines and form-fitted to your shoulders, chest with a lower waistline, and slim through the thigh area.

  • Modern Fit

A more compromising approach between the classic and slim fit look offers the best of both worlds, less room than a classic cut and more room than a slim cut. 

Selecting the right color suit or tuxedo with matching accessories 

  • What are accessories?

Color-coordinated ties, bow ties, pocket squares or pocket scarfs, color-coordinated button studs, matching cufflinks, belts, and even shoes.  

One essential consideration when selecting accessories is to be tasteful and choose your accessories that complement, not detract from your perfect look. The bottom line is, “don’t overdo it.

Selecting the right shoe for that perfect suit

  • Oxford
  • Derby
  • Wingtip

We have our own line of exclusive Robert Paul Oxford & Derby style shoes, which has been an actual labor of love. Each of our shoes has been carefully designed, complementing each line of our tuxedos and suits with sleek and sophisticated designs and scream comfort. 

Fabric and Color Considerations

Is your wedding indoors or outdoors? Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer seasons can dictate your “color, not fabric” considerations.

As much as this may surprise you, each of the four seasons can and should perhaps play a part in selecting your wedding attire. The fall and winter months can call for darker color choices versus the spring and summer months, calling for more vibrant or lighter colors. 

When working with some of our clients, it’s always important to chat about fabric and dismiss the theory that wool should never be worn in the spring and summer months because it does not breathe and is too heavy of a fabric to wear. That might have been true in years past, but it is no longer the case. In fact, with the advances in how wool is manufactured, wool is the most common fabric used in high-quality bespoke or manufactured men’s suits and tuxedos to date. 

Wool is an excellent fabric choice because it is durable, breathes well, and resists wrinkling, unlike linen, which requires a lot of maintenance and attention. Unless you are getting married on a tropical island or hot environment, which in that case linen or cotton may be the more logical choice, wool suits or tuxedos would still work. Wool is a better fabric for your suit or tuxedo choices and will withstand whichever environment you choose to exchange vows. You will look and feel amazing.

Additional fabric choices could include a polyester/viscose blend, best described as a semi-synthetic fabric that retains a pleasant drape, is soft to the touch, light and breathable, and very comfortable to wear. A men’s suit comprised of a polyester/viscose blend is a popular choice because of cost, appearance, and feel, and simply more desirable because of personal preference. I love this suit fabric because of how light and breathable it is and how it feels when wearing it. 

The one all-important point to remember as you weigh in on all these choices is that this is your wedding day. And although there seems to be a lot to consider when it comes to building your perfect look, the easiest decision you could make is simply letting us, the Robert Paul; San Francisco Stylist put in the work for you. “No Worries” because all of us here got you covered. This is what we do, and we will work with you and for you until you are completely satisfied with your style choices. 

Our Wedding Suits

Our wedding suits come in a variety of colors, cuts, and fabric choices, and our exclusive Michael Kors and Allure collection of men’s suits can offer you a more relaxed look but still maintain the level of style and sophistication you want for the most important day of your life. Our stylists are experts at putting together the perfect look that will compliment you in the best way possible. 

At Robert Paul, San Francisco, we have the right “Tuxedo” or “Wedding Suit,” along with all of the appropriate accessories to compliment your perfect look; I mean everything from “Head to Toe.” But, as I’ve always said, it’s all in the details, which is an essential part of putting together that perfect look; Details.  

Aside from our exclusive “Michael Kors” and “Allure collection of suits, and tuxedos, we also offer our incredible line of  “Alex Vando” and “Gino Valentino” premium dress shirts to our very own line of “bespoke” (custom-made shoes), which by the way we are incredibly proud of because of the sleek design, unique details and comfort of each shoe baring our name as mentioned above.

Speaking of Alex Vando, have you heard of “Bamboo Blended Dress Shirts? We are excited to carry this exclusive line of beautifully blended and super comfortable dress shirts. These incredible shirts’ array of colors and exceptional styling will surely complement your perfect look; the material’s breathable, light, and airy nature will feel exceptional against your skin. You will appreciate these shirts, especially in warm weather or when your body core temperature has suddenly risen because you are about to say the two most important words of your life, “I Do.” You will never look at Bamboo the same way again and be thankful for your ability to breathe while maintaining your cool! 

If these “Alex Vando” bamboo-blended options aren’t your thing, that’s perfectly ok because we also offer the pure cotton two-ply classic modern fit “Gino Valentino” dress shirts that come in an array of colors rich and crisp to the touch. Our stylist will utilize the available color palettes to create the perfect look for your tuxedo or wedding suit choices.

Because we pride ourselves on being fashion experts and realize just how important your wedding day is, each of our stylists is committed to ensuring you find the right look, fit, and color combinations that will compliment you in the best way possible. In addition, our stylist takes great pride in building a lasting relationship with you that will go well beyond your wedding day and extend into whatever social and/or particular function you’ve penciled onto your calendar, which will require you to look your absolute best.   

Having our Robert Paul Stylist assisting you with your perfect wedding day look will alleviate you from worrying about how you will look and feel on your big day. You will look and feel your absolute best and truly compliment your beautiful bride in the best way possible. 

Remember; stand tall because this day is also about you, and we want to make sure you’re getting double thumbs up from everyone in attendance, but more importantly, your beautiful bride. 

Decisions, Decisions, and more Decisions

 Aside from all of the decisions, choices, and final selections you will have to make between now and your wedding day, one of the first topics of discussion between you and your fiancé should be, what type of wedding do both of you envision, a formal “black-tie wedding” held in a beautiful and elegant venue, or perhaps a semi-formal ceremony while still maintaining a specific dress code to ensure your guest show up wearing the appropriate attire.

Will it be a church wedding, indoors or outdoors? Will it be on a beautiful beach in a tropical paradise, on a golf course, on a winery, or perhaps in someone’s backyard? There obviously isn’t a right or wrong answer to any of these questions because wherever you’ve decided to exchange your sacred vows is where each of your hearts has taken you, and I’m sure it will be perfect! 

 Regardless of where you decide to exchange vows and celebrate this grand and monumental occasion, we believe one of the most important decisions you’ll make is what type of dress code you should consider. This decision is often overlooked because of all the other decisions being made, 

  • Wedding Date, 
  • Wedding Dress and Colors, 
  • Wedding Party, 
  • Venue and Number of Guest, 
  • Setting a budget, 
  • Catering, 
  • Cake, 
  • Music, DJ, 
  • Officiate. 

The list goes on and on, and I’m sure you get it, but needless to say, establishing a dress code is very important. It sets the tone for how sharp you and your wedding party will look and how each of your guests is expected to show up being adequately attired. Let’s face it, how many weddings have we been to where someone always shows up in a “Dark Tee Shirt and pair of Jeans” (ok, slight exaggeration on my part), but who wants to take that chance? As Murphy’s Law would have it, that same person would somehow end up in that all-important photo memorialized forever in your wedding album. No Thanks!

What is a “Dress Code”?

  • A dress code is a set of rules or expectations you have established for each of your guests, notifying them what type of clothing should be worn to your wedding. This dress code can be included in your actual invitation and alleviates the guesswork of what kind of attire your guests should wear. 

Let’s chat about the categories of dress codes and the “so-called fashion rules” associated with these specific categories. If you’re anything like me, rules are meant to be broken, especially if you and your beautiful bride want to set your own vibe and create your own memory. You are the shot callers here, and this is your day. If you prefer to stick to a specific vibe, theme, or dress code, do it because you’re planning your day, and this is your story. 

  • White Tie Wedding
  • Black Tie Wedding
  • Black Tie Optional Wedding
  • Semi-Formal Wedding
  • Cocktail Wedding Attire
  • Semi-Casual Wedding Attire
  • Beach Wedding
  • No Dress Code

White Tie Wedding Attire

This particular dress code is typically reserved for Kings and Queens, Presidents and Statesmen who definitely must adhere to each of the rules associated with this fashion expectation. If you’re a King or Queen, President or Statesmen, then you’ll want to pay close attention.  

White Tie Wedding attire is the granddaddy of all dress codes and the one where the fashion police will be standing at the door waiting to size you up for any potential violations. Any potential violations will most likely result in you not making the list for the Peoples Sexist Person Alive cover shot. Not sure about you, but I’m perfectly ok with that! 

For the distinguished gentlemen, you will be required to wear your top hat, long tails, white bow tie with matching vest or cummerbund, white gloves, and highly polished wing-tip shoes. For the lady, a full-length glamorous ball gown with the finest jewels or tiara and a pair of most beautiful glass slippers. Fortunately, this dress code is rarely used for weddings, which is good news because there are too many rules, and the vibe is more than likely stuffy, not to mention very ridged. 

Black Tie Wedding Attire

When selecting a black-tie wedding, you let each of your guests know your attire expectations, leaving no room for doubt as to what should be worn. You’ve selected a dress code that will match the vibe and theme you hope to create, much like that of a red-carpet event where fashion etiquette and elegance are not only applauded but admired. 

Groom and groomsmen should wear black tuxedos with a black bow tie, all the accessories usually associated with a tuxedo keeping their style choices tasteful and classic. You will have to keep your style choice tight and stay on point!

The bride should wear full-length gowns while keeping their style choices tasteful and classic.

 Black Tie Optional Attire

This particular dress code is one that I have not seen widely used for wedding celebrations.  I suspect the biggest reason is that it leaves too much to interpretation. So what you’re saying as the host is if you want to adhere to the formal black tie dress code, please do, but if you don’t, that’s ok too. As a result, most of your guests show up wearing a variety of style choices, which may not rise to your level of attire expectation.  

Men can wear a black-tie tuxedo or a black or navy blue suit with a tie or bow tie, which could still offer the style and sophistication you’re looking for. Likewise, women could wear beautifully styled cocktail dresses versus floor-length gowns while keeping all style choices tasteful and classic.

Semi-Formal Attire

Believe it or not, this is the most common dress code I’ve seen implemented at most weddings I have either attended or officiated. This is a dress code where you would not expect your male guest to show up in a black-tie tux or your female guest to show up in floor-length gowns. 

As a male guest, you could wear a suit with a tie or sports coat with an open collar button-down dress shirt, slacks, and stylish dress shoes while creating a more relaxed look. Women could wear cocktail dresses or even pant outfits creating a “night on the town look.” This particular dress code allows your guest to dress up while still maintaining a more relaxed yet classy look.

One easy rule to follow with a semi-formal dress code is simply this. If the event were being held after the Six p.m. hour, it would be perfectly ok to lean more toward formal than semi-formal.

Cocktail Attire 

With this dress code, you’ve opted to slightly loosen your dress code expectations from that of black tie or black tie optional and want to create a fun and party-like vibe for each of your guests, but you’re still expecting each of your guests to show up well styled. Men could have a little fun with each of their style choices by wearing a classic black or navy-colored suit with a multi-colored tie or bow tie. You could also opt for an opened collar shirt with the suit as mentioned above choice while women could wear beautifully styled cocktail dresses which include brightly colored accessories to add a little flair to their look. With this dress code, you’re telling your guest to get ready for some fun.

Beach, Dressy Casual, or No Dress Code

Dressy Casual is most appropriately used for beach, backyard, or an outdoor more laid-back wedding event. When seeing this spelled out on a wedding invitation and considering the potential venue of your wedding, you can expect your guest to show up dressed in a more relaxed manner of style and hope that everyone has used some level of judgment in keeping it tasteful and classy. 

With no dress code indicated, everything is open to interpretation, and you could expect just about anything depending upon whom you’ve invited.  Remember that guy in the Dark Tee-Shirt and Jeans?

Whichever dress code you consider, as stated, this important piece of information is considered “Wedding Invitation Etiquette” and information each of your guests will appreciate seeing on your invitations. It clearly establishes your fashion expectations, and Yes, Dress Codes are important. 

All of us here at Robert Paul San Francisco appreciate you and hope the information contained helps you better understand your style options and specific dress codes you may or may not want to implement as part of your big day. Please feel free to leave a comment, a question, or better yet, come in or give us a call because we are here to help! 

Congratulations and Cheers to Love!


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