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Filed in Custom, Mens High End Suits, Suits, Tuxedos — March 8, 2022

Owning Your Sophistication

Welcome to the Robert Paul San Francisco’s Blog post for March of 2022. We are excited to be here and look forward to sharing information related to Men’s fashion, Suits, Tuxedos, Shoes, and of course, accessories because, as we all know, the small details can make or break that perfect look. So we want to welcome you in and look forward to building a relationship with our clientele where we can become your absolute perfect reference point for each and every one of your styling needs.

Here at Robert Paul San Francisco, we would be honored to assist you in finding your perfect look for that all-important occasion where making a statement will be as easy as you stepping into a room and letting the world know you’ve arrived. If you’re simply interested in adding to your already fantastic fashion collection, look no further because we got you! Finding that perfect look should be an experience that leaves you feeling as if you’re a VIP because you know what, YOU ARE! 

Our stylist at Robert Paul SF have you covered if the occasion calls for a formal, semi-formal, or business casual. Not sure what look is right for you, not sure about all the fashion rules which exist because they do, not sure what kind of statement you want to make, we are committed to helping you unlock the answers to all of these questions. You can get a head start on the first step in elevating your fashion game by downloading the Robert Paul, 2022 Limited Edition Magazine entitled “Dress for Success,” issue #1 right here.

This limited edition issue was a labor of love and is chalked full of useful information about how to not only dress for success but speaks to a variety of topics from:

  • What makes a suit
  • Suit Colors and Patterns
  • Dress Shirts
  • Neck Ties
  • Accessories
  • Concludes with a Cheat Sheet, which puts you firmly in the know when it comes to Men’s fashion.

Feeling Like a VIP:

It starts the moment you either contact Robert Paul SF to arrange an appointment at Robert Paul, or simply walk in. Each of our stylists are dedicated to making your experience an exceptional one while assisting you in elevating your fashion game to the next level.

Why is making you feel like an absolute VIP is so important to us? Well, without stating the obvious, because you’re a valued client, here at Robert Paul in San Francisco, we are building a brand, a brand that each of us takes great pride in. It’s almost as if with each and every client we establish a relationship with, we are putting our signature on your perfect look. The pillars of our reputation within this very competitive industry have been built upon trust and commitment to those we serve because we want you to come back and refer others to our location without hesitation, knowing that we will rise to the occasion each and every time.

When building the Robert Paul brand, we relied upon our own personal and professional experiences over the past ten years while building Janene’s Bridal in Alameda and San Francisco Bay Area. Janene’s Bridal, which started as a small storefront in Alameda, CA, grew over a ten-year period because of the tremendous relationship we were able to build with each and every one of our beautiful brides. 

In January of 2020, because of hard work and complete dedication to those we have served, we were fortunate to be able to move to a larger Alameda location where we have expanded our services and selection and continue building relationships while making our beautiful bride’s dreams come true. 

We also have a second Janene’s Bridal location located in San Francisco, CA, where aspiring brides can find the perfect dress by the perfect designer for their perfect day. This location is by appointment, and we can be reached by contacting us at (510) 263-8100 or email us at

Although the past ten years have been dedicated to our beautiful brides, we wanted to establish an exclusive Men’s store that would celebrate Men’s fashion and cater to the well-traveled and sophisticated man wanting to elevate his flair for fashion. That’s precisely what we feel we’ve been able to accomplish here at Robert Paul SF. We are located at:

Robert Paul SF, 224 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA 94108 

(415) 938-9662 , or email us at 

You can also visit us at our website

I spent a great deal of time working in a profession that called for me to wear suits and always maintain my fashion game, and I got to say, it wasn’t always easy, and it wasn’t always fun when trying to get properly fitted in a look that was right for me. So many factors played a part in many of these negative experiences. To the well-trained and sophisticated eye, many of my fittings were flawed with ill-fitted suits and untailored looks. I was often better off just shopping for “off the rack items,” which rarely ever constitute a matching suit and left a lot to be desired with my shopping experience.

As we discussed that perfect shopping experience, each of our stylists remembered many of their own shopping experiences, which were unrewarding and very unproductive, not to mention the lack of concern or compassion with many of the sales associates who were there to assist. I can recall while preparing for my own wedding; I was amazed at the limited amount of choices that existed in the tuxedo market, leaving my wedding party and me at the mercy of a national chain. 

Without going into all of the gory details and absolute failures that we experienced, we emerged determined never to allow any of our clients to feel the way each of us did during one of the most important times in my life. 

So, I guess this is where I say “Thank You” to the national chain for so many insightful and unrewarding experiences. 

It’s Time To Celebrate:

Yes, it’s time to celebrate you, the fashion-forward man who wants to raise his fashion game to the next level. Finding the perfect look is just that, a look, an attitude, which speaks to the man, you are. A man who has emerged from this post-pandemic period which each of us had to live through with a renewed sense of courage and enlightenment at being the best version of yourself that you can be, and yes, it starts here at Robert Paul SF. 

It’s a well-documented fact that when we as men are dressed well, we feel good both emotionally and mentally; with increased confidence, we perform better in all aspects of our lives, not to mention the impressions we leave upon others. As Men, we need to not only EMPOWER and ENCOURAGE one another to become the best versions of ourselves that we can be, but we need to celebrate each and every one of our successes. As Men, we have tremendous challenges and enormous responsibilities. For example, maintaining our careers, raising and providing for our families, setting the standards for other young men who perhaps may look to us for guidance and direction, and being that HERO figure to those we love most in this life. 

As Men, we rarely give ourselves credit for being the outstanding Men we are, or we rarely recognize other Men for the exceptional contributions made on behalf of others, but here at Robert Paul, we want to make you feel like the outstanding Man you are and deserve to be.

Understanding Your Seasonal Suit SWAG….

As previously mentioned in our Robert Paul 2022 Limited Edition magazine, ‘choosing a Suit Color”, when starting to build your suit collection, it is most common to stick with simple colors that will work year-round and for any occasion, Navy, Charcoal, or Gray, with Charcoal being the most versatile of the three colors. However, I would be remiss if I fail to mention that the first addition to every sophisticated man’s suit collection should always include a classic “black” suit regardless of the season. Having a black suit as the mainstay of your suit collection will prepare you for any Black-Tie or evening event where the invitation calls for formal attire. The other caveat to having a black suit regardless of the fashion police is that you can wear a black suit all year, to any event, and for whatever reason, just by adding lighter colored shirts or even polo’s that take your look from formal to semi-formal or even business casual.

As we move from winter to spring, which usually begins on March 20th, if you’re in the northern hemisphere careful consideration should be given to your look as suit colors of the season tend to be lighter and perhaps more vibrant. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to change up your suit game altogether; it just means it’s perfectly ok to infuse more color variations with the look you use with your current suit collection. 

As you begin to build upon your collection, the staple of every sophisticated man’s look should include three of the most versatile colors that will work all year regardless of the seasonal trends being talked about or events on your social calendar. Those colors are Navy, Charcoal, or Gray, with Charcoal being the most versatile of the three color choices. With any of these three colors, you can mix your lookup with a variety of colored shirts, ties, pocket squares, or classic handkerchiefs that elevate your look to the next level.

As a sophisticated man, you want to wear your look and not have your look wearing you. What I mean by this is simply wearing your look and owning your color choices with the greatest of confidence—having the courage to stand out with your statement collection letting the world know that you take great pride in how you look, how you feel, while raising your level of sophistication to the next level. Remember, your personality isn’t the first thing people see, but your look can significantly affect the first impression you make.

All of us here at Robert Paul SF want to welcome you into our shop dedicated to you, the sophisticated man wanting to secure his perfect look. 

We are super excited and honored to be available for each of you and are dedicated to assisting you in building your own individual suit collection, which speaks to the well-traveled and sophisticated man you are. 

We want to be your first choice when it comes to men’s fashion and your first choice when it comes to building your suit collection while bringing your look to the next level and beyond.

We hope you join us as we look forward to seeing you in store!


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